3 Gym Team Building Activities

Remember in highschool when your sports team would play games to get to know eachother better?

You would feel more connected and bonded afterwards. 

Team bonding with your staff can help develop strong get relationships and get them engaged.

I have 3 favorite ways to get my staff learning and involved. 

1.) FAQ Game

Compile a number of frequently asked questions about your facility and services.  

For each of these questions, there should be a standard answer that your staff is prepared to give.

Write your FAQs on popsicle sticks.

During your staff meetings, pick a popsicle stick, ask a staff member the question, and practice the ideal response. 

This way everyone will be on the same page. 

2.) Emotional Charades

This communication game will help your staff be able to read emotions. 

Pick 5 or 6 characteristics and act them out.

Angry, stressed, distracted, scared, bored, etc.

Ask your staff to try to identify what emotion you are portraying.

Then direct them on how to respond appropriately.  

3.) Team Building Exercise

This meeting warm up activity will help your staff with communication.

I have my staff buddy up and blindfold one partner.

The blindfolded must then navigate their way across the gym only using the verbal instructions and guidance from their partner. 

This practices listening, communication, and you’re bound to have a few laughs along the way. 

I explain these activities further in Episode 15 of the Level Up Your Gym Podcast, “3 Gym Team Building Activities

Don’t use either of these? No problem, just CLICK HERE to listen!

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