Strive To Be The Best. Company Culture and Values

I’m happy to be sharing with you advice from a highly requested guest, JL Holdsworth.
Yes, THE JL Holdsworth, world champion powerlifter and former University of Kentucky strength and conditioning coach.
He has years of experience consulting with collegiate, NFL, and NHL programs. 
Additionally to all of his training knowledge, he has the business knowledge.
JL has founded and grown The Spot Athletics into what it is today; focusing on performance training for youth athletes and general adults.
JL  provides so much valuable insight on going from average to the best.
This is his mindset for every venture he tackles.
As a gym owner, JL makes sure that his staff share this similar goal.
Be the best.
But this doesn’t mean that you already think that you’re the best and know it all.
It means you are willing to give your all to learn and grow to become the best. 
Not just the best for themselves, but more importantly the best for your team.
JL establishes this leadership through company culture and values.
Trainers must be receptive to clients needs, new techniques, and everything in between. 
The right person will value your company culture and vision.
JL spills valuable insight that I highly suggest you listen to on Episode 23 of the Level Up Your Gym Podcast, “Strive To Be The Best. Company Culture and Values – A Conversation with JL Holdsworth“.
Listen below!
Don’t use either of these? No problem, just CLICK HERE to listen!

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