3 Strategies for Marketing in 2021

What direction should you be taking your marketing in 2021?
Social media is a great new age marketing tool.
But the platform is becoming oversaturated. 
Gym marketing on Facebook doesn’t pack the same punch and reward as it used to in years past.
I’m not telling you to abandon your social media.
Definitely DO post regularly with testimonials and fitness content. 
But where should you focus now?
Take the time to tighten up your internal strategy.
This includes reactivations, referrals, and nurturing current members.
These may be untapped leads sitting right in front of your face.
Once you’ve ironed out your internal strategy, it’s time to attract new members – new members who may have never heard of your gym before.
This can be done using 3 strategies. Local Joint Ventures, Youtube, Podcasts. 
1.) Local Joint Ventures
Doing good in your community (as discussed in a previous podcast) helps to foster connections with local businesses.
Partnering up for events or seminars will expose your services to a new audience.
2.) Youtube
Youtube can reach people at a global level, but utilize it to reach people in your community.
Film a video answering some FAQs.
Maybe film some stretches for pain relief.
Make sure to tag and use keywords unique to your community.
Always have a call to action at the end.
Although this content may not have a large reach initially, it does have longevity. 
These videos can be used for content in newsletters, blog posts, and social media.
And maybe one day you will become the next big youtube star.
3.) Podcasts 
I recently created a community podcast for my local gym, Synergy’s Accidentally Fit Podcast.
Use this as a platform to help form and improve community relationships.
Interview members about their fitness journey.
Share stories, be enganaging, and welcome on other businesses in your community.
For example, I hosted a local physician to share her tips on staying healthy.
My members love the podcast!
With all of these tips, you need to stay real with  your expectations.
Your youtube channel and podcast are not competing on a national level.
Focus on your local community first.
These marking tips will help you begin 2021 with the right focus.
I discuss this further on Episode 22 of the Level Up Your Gym Podcast, “3 Strategies for Marketing in 2021“.
Listen below!
Don’t use either of these? No problem, just CLICK HERE to listen!

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