The 2 Strategies Gym Owners Need to Focus on NOW to Rebuild Their Business – 2 Minute Truth

I asked our audience on Facebook (follow us @ Level Up Your Gym) what has been stressing gym owners out about their current situation.

The current pandemic has been throwing many curveballs into the game. Whether you are open for operation or not, here are 2 strategies to focus on to rebuild your business.

1.) Referrals. Referrals are built off of already established trust from your current contacts. Word of mouth can go a long way.

2.) Reactivation. Past members know your character and trust your business. These two methods stray away from external marketing.

Because of the current pandemic, searching for new members externally will be time consuming, costly, and require a lot of convincing. It is most efficient to take advantage of your already established relationships and use them to rebuild and grow your business.


Guest Article from Joe Hashey, President of Synergy Athletics and Level Up Your Gym. Joe has been a featured speaker around the country and author for publications like Men’s Health and Experience Life magazine.   12 years in the gym business has provided a lot of lessons to share with you!

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