How To Set Up Your Staff For Success

Before you even have staff, it is important to identify where you need people to fit in.

If you wait to do so until after you put out hiring ads, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. 

You have a candidate for a job, but what are their tasks? 

Once you have a staff member employed, staff development should be on your radar.

You might not be able to hire the ideal candidate with years of experience under their belt.

That’s okay!

Implementing staff development lead your staff to view you as a mentor.

You are helping them develop their knowledge and further their career.

When implementing staff development, you should focus on 4 things.

1.) Clarity

Your expectations for staff should be clear.

2.) Support

Give your staff support and feedback on their performance. 

This comes with communication

3.) Meetings

I structure my meetings as a conversation.

I like to have my staff share something awesome that has happened.

And I use this as an example of a best practice.

4.) Independence

Once they have learned your expectations, back away and let them perform.

I check in every 90 days with an evaluation.  


Listen to applications of these tips on Episode 7 of the Level Up Your Gym Podcast, 4 Ways To Set Up Your Staff For Success”

Don’t use either of these? No problem, just CLICK HERE to listen!

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