7 Essential Youtube Strategies to Grow Your Channel

You could call Chris Willson a youtube expert.
He works in operations, content creation, and all of the behind the scenes at Critical Bench.
Their booming youtube channel has over 776,000 subscribers…yes 776,000!
Youtube has one of the largest reach of social media platforms.
There are endless opportunities for your youtube content as a marketing too.
But you must have an understanding and tactical approach to succeed.
Chris spilled his 7 essential youtube strategies he has observed over the growth of Critical Bench’s channel. 
1.) Consistent Uploads
Create a reasonable upload schedule. 
Youtube’s algorithm is designed to reward you for consistent engagement and uploads.
Your subscribers will also know when to expect content.
And you will feel better with a structured upload schedule instead of uploading a random video here and there. 
2.) Batch Your Content
You don’t want to run out of upload idea!
A way around this is batch your content.
Set aside a day to film a number of videos.
Maybe make it monthly. 
You will have a library of videos to pull from to upload.
And you won’t be scrambling last minute to film in order to stick to your upload schedule. 
3.)  Be Known For Something
Find a problem, a create a helpful way to solve it. 
Establish something that viewers can associate with your channel.
Begin with great content that follows a common theme that is interesting. 
Have a focus and a goal. 
4.) Eye Catching Thumbnail
Never judge a book by it’s cover.
But you’re probably going to judge a video by it’s thumbnail.
The thumbnail is the first glimpse of your video that people are going to see, so it is important to make it catchy. 
Make text large and clear.
Make your images stand out.
Make your titles keyword heavy and informative.
5.)  Get To The Point
When people click on your video, half of the viewers leave after just 15-20 seconds.
Include something enticing to make the viewers stay. 
Instant gratification from getting to the topic at hand needs to be met at the beginning of the video.
6.) Call To Action
What are you trying to accomplish with your channel?
Maybe get subscribers, get new clients, or bring in leads.
Drive in people to your product/service through your call to action. 
Organically include your call to action to your service within your content and again at the end.
Drive your traffic through links in the description and with a pinned comment. 
7.) Bracelet to Charm Approach 
When you plan out what content to record, let Youtube suggest to you what people are searching.
Begin to search on Youtube your idea and you will be met with all the similar videos to film.
If you start to type in “push ups”. Suggested searches will be “push ups for beginners”, “push ups for women”, “push ups for men at home”, etc.
These are the videos in demand.
Film these, as you know there is an audience.
Dominate these keywords with redundancy.
Your bracelet video should cover all of these subtopics in the search.
Your charm videos should be the shorter segments of each subtopic.
Link these videos together though the same tags. This way all of your videos will be suggested and looped together.
Chris elaborated more on these Youtube strategies for growth on Episode 24 of the Level Up Your Gym Podcast, “7 Essential Youtube Strategies to Grow Your Channel – A Conversation with Chris Willson of Critical Bench“.
Listen below!
Don’t use either of these? No problem, just CLICK HERE to listen!

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