3 Tips All Gym Owners Need To Know

Whether you have 1 facility or 100, there are some foundational tips for success that always apply, no matter how large or small. 

Liberty Bernal is an expert in the franchise space, who helped guide me along the journey from 1 facility to now 3.

Having opened her facility at the age of 20 and growing it to the 60 locations there are today, Liberty has a tremendous understanding about the systems and operations necessary to run a fitness center smoothly.

I asked Liberty the important questions that all gym owners should know when wanting to grow a successful business.

Whats one thing more gym owners should know that has helped attribute to your success?


Just because you build an amazing gym, doesn’t mean that people will come.

You’ll need to invest money to grow your community.

Create a plan.

A mix of traditional marketing tactics and social media will drawn in your new members.

What should gym owners spend their time/capacity on?

Make your members your stars.

Member’s and their success should be your focus.

It will make them feel great.

And their stories and achievements are inspirational and relatable for other members.

What’s another tip that has helped you remain successful over the years? 

After a number of years doing the same thing, it is very easy to become stuck in your ways.

You must make sure that you are staying up to date with the new trends.

Do research.

Read articles.

You are never to old to learn. 

Liberty shared more of her knowledge of the industry on Episode 8 of the Level Up Your Gym Podcast, “3 Tips All Gym Owners Should Know – A Conversation with Liberty Bernal

Connect with Liberty at @libertybernalfitness

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